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About Me

Welcome to WestSide Coaching, my name is Glyn and I want to make you a faster, smarter racing cyclist. Based in Bristol and the South West, I have spent a number of years honing my skills in Road Racing, Crits, Hill Climbs and cyclocross.


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Core Values

At WestSide Coaching the key is the athlete-coach relationship. The core values of that relationship are Team work, Trust, Honesty, Respect, Communication, Hard work and being an advocate of Anti Doping.


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Training Plan

I don’t believe that one approach suits everyone, each athlete is different and unique and that is why they need an Individualized plan to suit them.


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You’re wondering how can a coach help?

Trust me I have been there myself. You have a family, children, a job and social life. How can a coach help me when I have such a busy life? The answer is, a coach sorts all the training out for you and takes the stress out of how much to do, when to do it, what type of workouts to do, should you rest etc.

This then allows you to put more energy into the other things in your life and enjoy living it.

So why choose WestSide Coaching

At WestSide Coaching it’s the coach-athlete relationship that is the key. That emphasis on team work, trust, mutual respect and honesty between rider and coach will develop the rider and help  them be the best they can be – A faster smarter racing cyclist.


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