Cyclocross twin peaks season plan

Cyclocross Twin peaks season Plan

Welcome to the Cyclocross Twin Peaks season plan.

Coaching includes:

  • Initial consultation
  • Evaluation of previous racing files
  • Goal setting
  • Full physiological Power Duration Testing
  • HR and Power Zone settings
  • Rider profiling with strengths and weaknesses
  • Plans built around you, your life, work, family and commitments
  • Daily emailed training plan
  • Bi monthly contact via email or phone
  • WKO5 software analysis
  • Training Peaks premium account.
    This account within the Training Peaks software allows rider and coach interaction, session previews and past training reviews. There is also an app included that you can access the data on your Smartphone or Tablet.
  • Race day preparation including Mental race strategies
  • Warm up routines and recovery protocols
  • Race pacing strategies
  • Equipment and gearing advise
  • Post race analysis.
  • CX Skills sessions 50% discount at our purpose built course at Somerdale Pavilion, Keynsham(ShamXross).

So to begin we will be Testing your strengths and weaknesses in June by doing specific tests on your bike with your power meter, then begin training with a unique plan to you and your unique power duration curve using the WKO5 software.

We will go through 4 key stages of training -Base, Build, Peak, Race, reassess, Base, Build, Peak, Race

Base: work on weaknesses, technique and skills. Build up a good foundation ready for the build phase including running drills.

Build: specific intervals targeting riders power duration curve (using WKO5 software) with the right work/rest ratios and including CX specific skills and drills.

Peak and Race: this is where all that hard work can come to fruition or can be ruined, WestSide Coaching will make sure you are on that start line with all the tools in your locker and prepared to smash it.

Buy CX plan now to receive the annual review free
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Don’t let another year of “I could have been a contender” go by and be stuck in that rut, get on the WestSide Coaching 2 Peaks plan and not a one way ticket to Palookaville.

Get in contact and we can arrange a free phone consultation to discuss training and racing Goals.

From there we can move onto the 2 Peak Cyclocross plan.

THE PLAN – £120 per month