Robin Hunt

Robin Hunt

I am a recent addition to the cycling world, having started cycling 2 years ago at the age of 38.  With no real knowledge of “training” I spent much of my time trashing myself on my own in the lanes, zwift and hammering the occasional hill.

I decided to find a coach in the middle of 2016 to see how much improvements I could make, as felt that the right coach could give me focus and a clear training plan to improve and reach my goals for 2017.

I have been working with Glyn at Westside for the past 6 months and couldn’t be more pleased with what he offers in ways of coaching and support (on and off the bike).  His style is very supportive, calm, knowledgeable and motivating.  He is not going to sit on your shoulder and shout to push out more power, but he is there at hand to support and encourage you in the ways needed at the time.

Glyn is always more than happy to answer questions and offer guidance about most things such as nutrition, race tactics, rest, recovery, fuelling, motivation etc

I have a busy work schedule and family life (married + 3 kids) and Glyn is always very accommodating towards work and family, tailoring the schedule to suit my needs and commitment s as well as the best training plan for me to achieve my individual goals.

For me personally I started seeing improvements within a short space of time and improved my FTP by 7% in the first couple of months, and more to follow.

Overall I don’t think I could have picked a better coach and mentor to guide and support me, and am looking forward to this years season and what we can achieve together.