WKO5 Testing

Cycling Physiological Testing

Using WKO5, WestSide Coaching will put you through a Testing protocol to find out your strengths, weaknesses and limiters. You will also receive a report on your  FTP, TTE, VO2 max, FRC, Stamina and Pmax physiological parameters.

What is included

WestSide coaching will send you a TESTING protocol with guide.

Once the TESTING is complete, we will analyse the data and include a detailed report via PDF and arrange a phone consultation to talk through and explain what it all means and offer insights into your unique physiology and how you can improve certain characteristics dependant on that.

WestSide Coaching will include a detailed report on –

  • Rider Physiology including strengths, weaknesses and limiters
  • PMax – your Neuromuscular sprint power
  • FTP – your Functional Threshold Power
  • TTE – Time to Exhaustion at your FTP power
  • VO2 Max – Your maximum amount of Oxygen utilized by the body
  • FTP to VO2 max comparison
  • FRC – Your Anaerobic Contribution to your Power duration curve
  • Strengths and Weakness charts that are age adjusted

What you will need:

  • You need a basic TP account
  • You’ll need to link to my coach account, I will send a link with the initial PDF with information
  • A bike that has a calibrated power meter or SMART Calibrated turbo trainer
  • Rider stats, i.e. Height, age, weight
  • 3-6 days to do the Testing with an easy 3-5 days prior, depending on prior training history
  • Test will be done by yourself using the protocol either out on the road or on the Turbo, depending on your normal training mode


Testing, PDF report and feedback via a phone consultation – £150

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