Emma Angove

Emma Angove

I approached Glyn as I wanted to understand the right way and level to train with power, I was looking for the motivation and guidance of a coach setting a training plan to improve my time trialling.

Glyn has helped me already by setting out what I need to do and when. He’s available, approachable and willing to discuss alternatives or ideas if the plan doesn’t quite fit with my other commitments or lifestyle that day or that week. I like that he’s willing to be flexible and quickly offer an alternative if it is too icy to ride outdoors for example.

Going through my first winter training with Glyn I feel fitter, faster and stronger than ever before and that shows in my data. With a busy work and family life, Glyn has found the perfect balance of providing training that works me hard enough yet controls my fatigue to deliver performance gains both in power and times.

One thing I like the most from Glyn is the race preparation, he supports me with advice on the course, how to race it and gives me quick, constructive and supportive feedback. And he has the courage to gently challenge me if I’m overly critical of my performance which for me is the greatest part of our working relationship.

We have a big season ahead of us, I feel confident some great results are coming our way. I’d recommend Glyn to anyone looking for structured training with great advice and support that balance your individual needs.