Annual Review

Annual Review

If you prefer to be self coached, but want guidance on how to prioritize your annual plan, let WestSide Coaching review your past season

What is included

WestSide Coaching will include feedback on –

  • Rider Physiology including strengths and weaknesses, FTP, Max Aerobic and Anaerobic work capacity
  • Fatigue resistance profiling
  • Season plan including annual layout, riding duration and intensities in different phases
  • What intervals to target at specific periods to elicit training adaptations that you require
  • When to rest
  • When and how much Gym work to incorporate if it is in your current training schedule

What you will need:

  • You need a basic TP account with all power training data on there
  • Your Goals for that annual period
  • Your training constraints
  • Rider stats, i.e. Height, age, weight


Single season Review – £160
Multi Season Review – £240

Contact Glyn at WestSide Coaching today to make you a faster, smarter cyclist.