WTTA Hill Climb Series

This series is a cycling competition run annually in the West DC and is run alongside the main WTTA Hard-riders Series.

This series has been developed to showcase the talent and popularity of riders and hills in the West Region. It’s the first series of this type in the UK and 2014 was its inaugural running, it was a great success with lots of positive feedback. Hopefully it will expand and become even more popular with years to come and showcase the area to the rest of the UK that this region is the epicenter of hill climbing.

It is sponsored by Kalas Sportswear and WestSide Coaching

How to get in on the action.

Entry to the events is open to all riders who hold membership of Cycling Time Trials affiliated clubs.

Points scoring and prizes.

Points are allocated based on the placing of all riders with 120 for 1st, 119 for 2nd, 118 for 3rd and so on down to 1 point for the 120th placed rider.

There are 12 organising clubs comprising 12 hill climbs in total of which your 6 best Hill climb results will count towards your total and eligibility for prizes. There are no bonus points on offer.

There is a Trophy for the series winner who will be Crowned
King of the Hills
Queen of the Hills
and awards for: – First 3 seniors
– First Vet (40 and over)
– First Male team of 3 (all of whom must have completed 6 hill climbs)
– First Female team of 3 (all of whom must have completed 6 hill climbs)
– First Junior male

To have a podium, then there must be at least 5 riders in that category so please encourage as much participants as possible. For a category there must be at least 2 participants.

For up to date information and links to the courses check out the series Facebook group here: