My Ethos

I’ve never been the most powerful rider or athlete (I’m 165cm/5ft5″ tall and weigh 54kg/8st7lb) now you can imagine I am not exactly a powerhouse. Even in school I was less developed than other pupils so I had to work out ways of gaining an advantage over them to win and believe me I wanted to WIN. For me this was about technique, skill, reading game play and being fully committed. I represented my school in regional competitions at high jump-yes really even though I was just 4ft something, javelin, cross country running, football and rugby. This was not down to stature but using my head and technique. I have brought this thinking with me into adult life and continued it into cycle racing and finally into my Coaching ethos.

It’s not just about how powerful you are, it’s about how you put it all together.

My Cycling Background

I’m 38 and I currently race, I also work as a boat builder and I have a social/family life. I compete in Road races which last 2-4 hrs, I also compete in Hilly time trials, I specialise in racing Hill Climbs and Criteriums and I also Mountain bike and CX for fun and adventure.

I’ve been racing for over 10 yrs where I have reached CAT 1 status in Road Racing, finished top 10 in the British National Hill Climb Championships and I have won several races. I myself have been coached in the past which I believe helps me understand the athletes/your needs. I train between 8 and 10 hrs most weeks and still compete at a good level.

I don’t believe that one approach suits everyone, each athlete is different and unique and that is why they need an Individualized plan to suit them.